ITC's Trade Map

ITC’s Trade Map see -

Trade Map covers 220 countries and territories and 5,300 products of the Harmonized System. Search by countries and territories by Product or Service – for imports or exports – and Trade Map will provide the relevant results in Table, Graph and Map Formats. For the 133 countries covered by Trade Map’s company data service, there is then the possibility (for registered users) to identify potential trading partners.

N.B. A limited version of Trade Map is available without registration.

ITC’s Trade Map Search Page

Example of ITC’s Trade Map Results Page

Trade Map provides useful information about importing and exporting companies for 133 countries. Users can identify potential trading partners through detailed company data for most products available in Trade Map.

Available information:

  • Company name

  • City and country

  • List of traded products

  • Number of employees

  • Annual turnover

  • Contact persons

  • Website address

  • Phone numbers

N.B. Within the Exporters Almanac it is also possible to carry out potential contact searches:

Company searches can also be made at the relevant Country Profiles: Commercial Contacts: (i) Business Directories (ii) Chambers of Commerce (iii) Company Registers and (iv) Yellow Pages.

Industry Specific searches can also be made at the relevant Industry Profile: Industry Directories and (ii) International Trade Associations.

There are further search facilities at Reference Resources: (i) Business Directories (ii) Chambers of Commerce (iii) International Trade Associations and (iv) Yellow Pages.