ITC's Trade Competitiveness Map

ITC’s Trade Competitiveness Map see -

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ITC’s Trade Competitiveness Map provides country market analysis profiles for around 240 countries and territories. Each profile provides a series of tools to facilitate strategic market research, monitor national and sectoral trade and macro-economic performance and design trade development strategies.

For each country, Trade Competitiveness Map offers:

  • Trade Performance Index (TPI) – assess sectoral trade performance. The TPI provides a general profile and ranking for a country’s key export sectors as well as a series of static and dynamic indicators to assess each sector’s international competitiveness. Five years of trade data are provided. - technical notes.

  • National Export Performance and National Import Profile – provide an overview of the export/import performance of countries by looking at the composition of their trade portfolio in terms of the dynamics of international demand and sector diversification. Five years of trade data are provided. - technical notes


  • The Consistency of Trade Statistics and Technical Notes on Trade Data – provides a comparison of a selected country’s trade statistics with partner country statistics in order to identify discrepancies between the two and gauge their consistency. Technical notes provide comments on the way national trade data has been gathered and on its limitations.

Trade Competitiveness Map also includes links to Trade Information Sources, Trade Support Institutions, and current ITC projects for the country concerned.

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