About Us

The Exporters Almanac is an initiative of TradeTech Solutions Ltd.

Our Mission is quite simple: to provide practical, immediate support to SMEs and their consultants in developing their export potential. To save you time & money, open new sales channels and find new clients.

TradeTech Solutions provides the following SME support services:

In September, 2023 we were pleased to announce the launch of the new service of Multilingual Microsites via our ExpoWorld.cloud. These enable companies to be found online, no matter the language* used to search for them.

*Currently, the service covers 35 languages reaching 95% of global GDP.

The key team members involved in the design, development and promotion of the Exporters Almanac are: 

Flavio CaricasoleFlavio Caricasole – flavio.caricasole@tradetech.cloud

Formerly, a senior banker with the UBI Banca Group, responsible for International Trade and Payment Systems. He has a deep knowledge of: Correspondent Banking, Trade Finance & Cash Management. In addition, he has developed: (a) business intelligence tools to analyse interbank messaging traffic and (b) Transaction Banking Lab which matches banks’ demands with the various solutions available in the fintech market. Flavio has also developed the Italian export portal Proexporters.

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Roel CrooijmansRoel Crooijmans - roel.crooijmans@tradetech.cloud

As an entrepreneur, Roel is always trying to simplify and innovate business via digitisation of the business process. Transitions from paper to electronic exchange and ethically and legally sharing data and information today, are key in simplifying and innovating international business. International e-invoicing, eCMR, blockchain and Peppol are some of the innovations in which Roel is closely involved. 

In his role as Chief Innovation Officer with TTS, Roel has found that the newest innovation in creating multilingual microsites also simplifies and innovates international business.

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Nick_Daniel.jpgNick Daniel - nick.daniel@tradetech.cloud

Nick is a seasoned IT professional with over 30 years’ experience in business development of IT and services, principally within the financial services sector. Previously he was a co-founder of a start-up fintech and regularly undertakes consulting assignments for other start-ups and new entrants.

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Ian-Dunning.jpgIan Dunning – ian.dunning@tradetech.cloud

Ian is a former international banker with HSBC. For the past 20+ years, Ian has been involved in the conception, design and development of online reference data portals & delivery systems for the international banking community e.g. SWIFT’s SWIFTRef business unit. In developing these systems he extended the use of payments reference data into systems designed for corporate use; payments and e-invoice validations. He is also a published author of books (in English and Italian) on how to gain commercial benefits from the internet.

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