Packaging & Labelling

When transporting goods overseas, it is critical to comply with the relevant international and national standards for packaging & labelling. Of course, packaging and labelling requirements depend upon the industry and the type of goods being shipped – and national requirements are usually a good base for understanding what will be required for goods being exported.

For national standards you should refer to:

  • The Importer

  • The Customs & Excise authority of the importing country (See the Trade Profile of the relevant country)

  • Your shipping agent

Below you will find regulations & dimensions relating to labelling and ULDs (Unit Load Devices).

International Standards

  • The International Standards for General Purpose Containers are set out in ISO 55.181.10

  • The International Standards governing Air Containers are set out by IATA

The International standards for packaging are set out in:

The International standards for labelling are set out in:

Container Dimensions

Ocean Container Dimensions

Most goods are exported in Containers which have the following standard dimensions:

Packaging 1 packaging2

Air Container Dimensions

packaging3 Pakaging4 Packaging5